Completion of the New Server Room

At beginning of November, the long craved cooling system via the central cold-water supply ("Zentrale Kühlwasserversorgung", ZKV) became operative. Therefore, the new server room in Room 206 is finally ready!

In addition to the regular operation of servers for the IT infrastructure (storage, license and computing servers, domain controllers, etc.), the maximal cooling capacity of more than 40kW allows us to operate high performance clusters. A portion of the not-used capacity is already rented out to the IEK-13. With a twice redundant cooling, an emergency power supply, a temperature and failure monitoring, which are all directly connected to the alarm center of the FZJ, the IEK-2 owns now one of the best equipped server rooms of the entire FZJ. Thanks to our technical staff for the amazing work!

Letzte Änderung: 14.12.2022