Spring school CAMMP Week Pro

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The annual spring school CAMMP Week Pro for mathematics related students from RWTH Aachen is organized by Prof. B. Stamm and R. Spatschek. During the school, which took place this year at the youth hostel in Voeren (Belgium) in the week 6.-10.6. the students worked in small groups on applied problems related to research activities at different institutes in Aachen and Jülich. The contribution from IEK-2, supervised by Roland Sandt and Robert Spatschek, was dedicated to the prediction of equilibrium microstructures in shape memory alloys. Here, different martensite variants lead to intrinsic elastic interactions, and the microstructure is effectively determined by an energy minimization. For this task different numerical approaches were used, including the use of a quantum annealer like the recently installed system JUPSI at FZJ, which turns out to be ideally suited for such tasks. The students presented their achievements in a final closing ceremony at RWTH Aachen.
More infos: https://blog.rwth-aachen.de/cammp/angebot-fuer-studierende/

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