Start of the "Thursday Materials Discussions"

This coming month of March, IEK-2 is starting a new colloquium series called "Thursday Materials Discussions" or MatDisc in short. For this series, IEK-2 is inviting experts doing research in related areas that could be of interest to discuss our results, gather new ideas or starting new collaborations. In general, the plan is that our guests will give a (hybrid) talk in our seminar room downstairs, which will be open to other OEs as well. Afterwards, an internal lab tour is planned before having lunch. Finally, a scientific discussion round will sit together. The schedule for each guest may vary but should in the best case also involve some of our young researches as well, if possible.

We are looking forward to welcoming Prof. Dr. Marc Willinger from the TU Munich as first speaker on March 16th. His talk will be titled "Observing while it happens: in-situ electron microscopy of dynamic processes in material growth and catalysis".

The following guests will be:

Prof. Dr. Eric Jägle ( University of the Bundeswehr Munich) a specialist in 3D metal printing

Dr. Xufei Fang (TU Darmstadt and KIT) a specialist of dislocation activities in ceramics, who just received a prestigous ER-C grant

Prof. Dr. Thomas Niendorf (Kassel University) an expert for processing-microstructure-properties relationships in metallic materials

Prof. Dr. Christian Greiner (KIT) a specialist for materials behavior under tribological loads

Dr. Subin Lee (KIT) an in-situ microscopist dealing with deformation mechanisms at small scales

Letzte Änderung: 02.03.2023