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Research for the safe management of nuclear waste

The safe management of radioactive waste and its final disposal in a deep geological repository is one of the grand challenges of our times and an integral part of the German “Energiewende”. The related research is multidisciplinary – while IEK-6 research mainly considers nuclear aspects, it addresses the behavior of radionuclides and the relevant waste form materials by combining radio-, geo- and materials chemistry aspects and by integrating experiment and simulation. Research covers the complete chain from waste generation to waste disposal, including research in support of the long-term safety for deep geological disposal, research on unresolved issues prior to waste disposal e.g. pre-disposal, and research on international safeguards. IEK-6 operates radiochemistry laboratories and is strongly linked to the Ernst Ruska-Centre, ER-C, to the Helmholtz Nanofacility with atom probe tomography, to the Jülich Supercomputer Centre, SC, and the Central Institute for Engineering, Electronics and Analytics, ZEA.

Research at IEK-6 contributes to the Helmholtz program „Nuclear Waste Management, Safety and Radiation Research“ (NUSAFE) and focuses on topics related to the safe management of nuclear waste and international safeguards as well.

Being well linked in the scientific community, research at IEK-6 creates impact by contributing to international projects with scientific and key industrial partners,e.g. waste management organizations and technical support organizations, as well as neighboring universities.

Director: Prof. Dr. Dirk Bosbach

Deputy: Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Modolo

Letzte Änderung: 22.03.2023