PGI Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Nini Pryds, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark

16.12.2022 10:00 Uhr
16.12.2022 11:30 Uhr
PGI Lecture Hall (Bldg 04.8, 2nd Floor, Room 365) and/or online

PGI Lecture Hall and Online

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Engineering of functional thin film oxides and interfaces

Prof. Dr. Nini Pryds

The wide range of fascinating properties observed in complex oxide continue to attract great interest such as ferro-, piezo- and pyroelectricity. Several strategies have been employed to break the lattice symmetry and expand the range of functionalities.

Here, I will show how engineering symmetry breaking offers extraordinary opportunities such as, the birth of conductivity in real-time during growth, stabilizing phases which are otherwise not stable using highly coherent interfaces and enhancing the electromechanics with interfaces.

I will also briefly discuss how external stimulus (magnetic, strain and light) can provide new properties. This collection of possibilities offers unique opportunities for a wide range of rich world and new functionality of complex oxide and their interfaces.


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