The DocTeam is a network for all doctoral researchers at the FZJ. We are organized in working groups on topics like mental health, working conditions, or public relations and are represented in various committees of the FZJ. Each doctoral researcher at the FZJ can take an active role in the DocTeam, which is coordinated by six elected spokespersons.

Our mission is to commit to the interests of doctoral researchers by constantly monitoring and improving our working situation, making sure our voice is heard within the FZJ and offering a space for doctoral researchers to connect and exchange. Most importantly, we can be approached with any question or issue and we will try our best to provide advice and assistance.

Working Groups

The DocTeam is organised in working groups with the aim to advance the interests of doctoral researchers at the FZJ in specific topics. Ongoing activities focus on, for instance, issues of working conditions, campus life, and the exchange between doctoral researchers across institutes. We are in close contact with relevant stakeholders and divisions at the FZJ that are concerned with related topics. Above all, it is our mission to keep growing the network of doctoral researchers and increasing the outreach of the DocTeam within the FZJ.

The Network

The DocTeam has representatives for various internal and external interest groups and relations. Within the FZJ, each institute nominates a delegate who is the primary contact person between the numerous institutes and the DocTeam. Ambassadors for specific topics, like family or Chinese scholarships, are supporting us by fostering communication and exchange within these communities and being contact persons for doctoral researchers facing similar challenges. We encourage every doctoral researcher to get involved in the interest of their community.

We are also in contact with doctoral researchers outside the FZJ within the Helmholtz Association via the Helmholtz Juniors who are representing the doctoral researchers of all Helmholtz Centres within Germany. This network is again connected to the other main German scientific organisations in N2, the “Network of Networks”: N2 comprises spokespersons from Helmholtz Juniors, Max Planck PhDnet, Leibniz PhDnetwork and the International PhD Programme at the IMB Mainz.


Lastly and importantly, the DocTeam is meant to be a place to meet and connect with fellow doctoral researchers, exchange stories of success or struggle, and have a good time besides the worklife. A good place for this is the gegnüber, a PhD café centrally located in the library on campus. Amongst others, we organise online gaming sessions during the Covid pandemic, regular tables in the surrounding cities where most doctoral researchers are living, language lunches, and an annual cross-institute football tournament.


For any questions, ideas or suggestions, please contact us at We are happy to get in touch with you!

For anyone with access to the FZJ Intranet, visit our internal website for more information and upcoming events.

Last Modified: 24.02.2022