Microscale Bioengineering


The Microscale Bioengineering Group has been successfully developing microfluidic tools for applied research in Industrial Biotechnology and fundamental research in microbiology since 2010. We are pioneers in the field. Our mission is to engineer bottom-up concepts for microbial single-cell analysis to tackle questions that cannot be answered by applying conventional systems at laboratory scale. In highly interdisciplinary projects, we exploit the potential of cultivations at the femto- to picoliter scale, revealing unseen insights into mixed cultures, population heterogeneity, cellular interactions, single-cell physiology and more. Fluids at micrometer scales behave differently, resulting in laminar flow and diffusion governed mass transport, enabling accurate micro environmental control. Recently we have been focusing on additional chip functionality creating artificial cultivation landscapes and mimicking structured environments and dynamics.


Prof. Dr. Dietrich Kohlheyer


Building 15.7 / Room 201

+49 2461/61-2875


Microscale Bioengineering
Group Nov 2022


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