Terrestrial observation platforms

The aim of this competence field is the operation of terrestrial observation platforms for the continuous observation of the various terrestrial subsystems (i.e. atmosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere, biosphere). The long-term data is used for improving our understanding of the complex influences of climate change and land use change on terrestrial ecosystems. An important aspect is also the combination of the long-term observation platforms with dedicated larger scale experiments and integrated modelling to move forward our understanding of the functioning of terrestrial systems and the complex interactions and feedback mechanisms between its different compartments.

Terrestrial observation platforms
Schematic view of a terrestrial observatory platform, including measuring systems for the determination of regional precipitation fields using (1) weather radars and (2) precipitation gauging networks, (3) micrometeorological eddy-covariance towers, (4) sensor networks, (5) Runoff monitoring systems, (6) weighable lysimeter systems, (7) ground-based and airborne remote sensing platforms, (8) airborne campaigns, (9) satellite-borne data, (10) geoarchiving systems, and (11) tree growth monitoring systems.

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