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Geoverbund ABC/J initiates and promotes research projects spanning different locations, supports early-career scientists, and encourages easy access to scientific infrastructures.

Research focus is the dynamic Earth–human system. Together, the scientists of the ABC/J region identify current and future issues in the fields of evolution of Earth and life, environmental dynamics and atmosphere in global change, terrestrial systems and georesource management, and risks and risk regulation, as well as developing possible solutions. In order to initiate collaborative research projects concerned with these issues, Geoverbund ABC/J provides initial funding, for example.

Geoverbund ABC/J is committed to the continuous development of the ABC/J region, supporting attractive conditions for excellent research and students’ education and keeping a close eye on early-career scientists. As a mediator between science, politics, and society, Geoverbund ABC/J’s declared aim is to increase the visibility of the ABC/J region as a nationally and internationally renowned research region in the field of geosciences.

Geoverbund_ZahlenDer Geoverbund ABC/J in Zahlen
Erosion: Thomas Wiatr/Silke Mechernich; Wolken: maraphoto/; Acker: Martina Chmielewski/; Hand: vege/; Planet Erde: Nadalina/; Wüste: Daniel Felten; Menschen: Jan Becke/

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