Neuroelectronics Group


The work of the Neuroelectronics Group is focused on the investigation of neuron/device interactions. Our main topics are the design and characterization of neuron- interface interactions, the development of flexible neural interfaces for in-vivo and in-vitro applications and the engineering of microstructured neuronal networks.

Research Topics

Research topics include the development of neuroelectronic devices and their validation from in vitro applications to neuroimplants that interface these devices with nervous systems. This includes the application of inorganic and organic electronic materials in conjunction with neuronal cells with the aim of understanding the functioning of the brain and developing new tools for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. In doing so, we are also pursuing various strategies to improve the electronics/neuron interface to enhance implant function and optimize long-term stability.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Offenhäusser


Building 02.4 / Room 2.22

+49 2461/61-2330


Principal Investigators

Doctoral Researchers


Technical Team


Minimally-invasive insertion strategy and in vivo evaluation of multi-shank flexible intracortical probes, Scientific reports 11.1 (2021): 1-11. doi:10.1038/s41598-021-97940-x


Kelsey Varodom, Master Student (09.05-05.08.2022)

Matthias Jenne, Master Student (16.05-13.08.2022)

Jelena Stevanovic, Doctoral Researcher until 10/2021

Ekaterina Savelyeva, Doctoral Researcher until 11/2021

Dongmei Mo, Master Student until 12/2021

Xavi Domingo, Master Student until 12/2021

Prof. Dr. Roger Wördenweber, Group Leader until 6/2021

Kagithiri Srikantharajah, Doctoral Researcher until 12/2020

Pegah Shokoohimehr, Doctoral Researcher until 12/2020

Frano Milos, Doctoral Researcher 12/2020

Corinna Meeßen, Doctoral Researcher until 12/2020

Alisa Kniazeva, Master Student until 11/2020

Timm Hondrich, Doctoral Researcher until 09/2020

Hossein Hassani, Doctoral Researcher until 07/2020

Sabrina Weidlich, PostDoc 06/2020

Kathrin Zobel, PostDoc until 07/2018

Christopher Beale, Doctoral Researcher until 09/2019
Stefanie Hamacher, Doctoral Researcher until 09/2019
Duc Trong Vu, Master Student until 04/2019
Caroline C. F. Grannemann, Master Student until 03/2019
Esther Fuentes Blas, Master Student until 03/2019
Selim Tanriverdi, Doctoral Researcher until 02/2019
Johannes Lewen, Doctoral Researcher until 01/2019
Jaqueline Lange, Master student until 09/2018
Irina Tihaa, Doctoral Researcher until 06/2018
Eva Kreysing, Doctoral Researcher until 06/2018
Jan Schnitker, Doctoral Researcher until 2016
Fabian Brings, Doctoral Researcher until 03/2018
Dr. Dmitry Kireev, PostDoc until 03/2018
Jasmin Ehrler, Bachelor Student until 02/2018
Mathis Ernst, Doctoral Researcher until 12/2017
Nafiseh Samiseresht, Master Student until 12/2017
Christian Mevissen, Master Student until 10/2017
Dr. Alexey Yakushenko, PostDoc until 09/2017
Hannah Lanzrath, Bachelor student until 07/ 2017
Nouran Adly, Doctoral Researcher until 05/2017
Dr. Wenfang Li, Doctoral researcher until 03/2017
Dr. Sung-Eun Choi, PostDoc until 03/2017
Bastian Haberkorn, Doctoral Researcher until 03/2017
Dr. Andreea Belu, Doctoral Researcher until 01/2017
Silke Seyock, Doctoral Researcher until 01/2017
Dr. Kay Krause, Doctoral Researcher until 01/2017
Paromita Kundo, PostDoc until 10/2016
Cecilia Höffler, Master Student until 09/2016
Dr. Lei Jin, Doctoral Researcher until 07/2016
Max Brambach, Bachelor Student until 07/2016
Hossein Hassani, Master Student until 07/2016
Dr. Tianyu Qiu, Doctoral Researcher until 05/2016
Jekaterina Viktorova, Master student until 02/2016
Dr. Jonas Albers, Doctoral Researcher until 01/2016
Dr. Anna Czeschik, Doctoral Researcher until 2016
Dr. Liping Du, PostDoc until 12/2015
Dennis Lenthe, Master Student until 12/2015
Marc Pohlmann, Master student until 10/2015
Stanley Endrigo Bilatto Rodrigues, Doctoral Researcher until 2015
Gabriela Figueroa, Bachelor student until 2015
Hendrik von Eysmondt, Bachelor Student until 2015
Natalie Gasterich, Bachelor student until 2015
Janna Pankoff, Master student until 8/2015
Bernd Bachmann, Master student until 2015
Dr. Philipp Rinklin, Doctoral Researcher until 2015
Zeljka Trepotec, Master student, 2014-2015 
Stefan Peischard, Master student until 2014
Dr. Mana Toma, PostDoc, 2013-2014
Dr. Ranjita Ghosh-Moulick, PostDoc, 2006-2014 
Dr. Francesca Santoro, Doctoral Researcher, 2012-2014
Martin Gocyla, Master student, 2013-2014 
Lars Krieger, Master student, 2014-2014 
Ulrike Derra, Master student, 2013-2014 
Dr. Koji Toma, PostDoc, 2012-2014
Dr. Wienke Lange, PostDoc, 2012-2014
Dr. Janis Brusius, Doctoral Researcher until 2014
Cony Herrera, Master student until 2014
Dr. Enno Kätelhön, Doctoral Researcher until 2013
Khaled Abdel-Latif, Bachelor student until 2013
Dr. Martin Hüske, Doctoral Researcher until 2013
Thomas Bronder, Master student until 2011
Miriam Freyler, Master student until 2011
Boris Hofmann, Postdoc until 2011
Marcus Ernst, Bachelor student until 2011
Aanchal Pahuja, Master student until 2010
Manuel Schottdorf, Bachelor student until 2010

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