Image cover selected in eScience-article by Aikai Yang et al.

The study entitled “Enhanced room-temperature Na+ ionic conductivity in Na4.92Y0.92Zr0.08Si4O12” reports for the first time a novel Na+ ion conductor, Na4.92Y0.92Zr0.08Si4O12 (NYZS). The dense material was obtained through a convenient solid-state reaction method followed by conventional sintering in air. It exhibits low theoretical density, excellent phase purity and uniform grain size. It exhibits a superior sodium conductivity at room temperature, an ultra-wide electrochemical stability window vs. Na+/Na and a high critical current density. Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectra combined with theoretical calculations confirm the synergistic effect of increased vacancy concentrations and modified chemical environment due to Zr4+ substitution. NYZS can be seen as a promising solid-state electrolyte material for operation at room temperature.

This work was initiated and coordinated at IEK-1 (first author A. Yang recently defended his PhD thesis at RWTH Aachen university) with additional contributions from KIT, Xinjiang University and Nankai University. The findings have been published in the new journal "eScience," which, despite being launched in 2021, has already demonstrated an instantaneous impact factor of >30. The editorial team selected it as the front cover for the upcoming issue of the journal:

Bild-Cover gewählt in eScience-Artikel von Aikai Yang et al.
New sodium ionic conductor as cover picture
Last Modified: 09.01.2024