SSPC-21 Best Poster Award for Mr. Yuan Zeng

Mr. Yuan Zeng has received the “Best Poster Award” for his work on “Preparation of 1 µm thick and dense BaZr0.8Y0.2O3-d electrolyte via water-based wet powder spraying for proton-conducting cells” during the 21st International Conference on Solid-State Protonic Conductors, 17-22.09.2023, Fukuoka, Japan.

During the dedicated ceremony, the award was handed out by one of the conference chairs Prof. Hiroshige Matsumoto from Kyushu University. Out of 75 posters, 10 received awards. All winners were praised with a diploma and a cash premium as recognition of their achievements in the field of proton conductors.

SSPC-21 Best Poster Award für Herrn Yuan Zeng
SSPC-21 Best Poster Award für Herrn Yuan Zeng

Congratulations to our colleague!

Last Modified: 26.09.2023