Innovation Pool


Coupling of energy transition (reducing greenhouse gases) & circular economy (establishment of sustainable material cycles)

Innovation Pool

Development of methods and models for the design and operation of energy-intensive recycling processes and their associated grid and (material) value chain integration. The aim is to operate industrial production on the basis of renewable electricity in a grid-friendly, economical manner.

Contributions from IEK-10:

Development of models and optimization-based procedures for the cost-optimal design and operation of energy-intensive processes. The focus is on the optimal integration of Power-to-X and storage technologies and the exploitation of load shifting potential.

Development of a model of multi-physical energy networks with which real-time simulations of the affected infrastructures with corresponding control solutions are possible. Controller hardware-in-the-loop tests in a HIL laboratory will be used to investigate the interaction of a large number of controllers

Last Modified: 02.11.2022