Design of Solid Ionic Conductors

Design of Solid Ionic Conductors
HI MS / Mohn

Solid state batteries are forecasted a great future technology in energy storage for mobile and stationary applications. However, they require a targeted design of faster ionic conductors and the solid electrolyte, which is the key enabler for solid state batteries. Helmholtz Institute Münster meets this challenge in its interdisciplinary group “Design of Solid Ionic Conductors”, which cooperates closely with the WWU group of Inorganic Chemistry.

The researchers provide a deeper understanding of fundamental processes of ionic motion in solids to achieve faster conduction. The research interest scope ranges from the fundamental motion of ions in solid electrolytes to their implementation in solid state batteries.

Figure 1
HI MS / Zeier

Research at a Glance:

  • Syntheses of solid ionic conductors, ranging from sulfides to halides
  • Development of structure-property-performance relationships for solid electrolytes
  • Fundamental understanding of ionic motion from structural perspectives using advanced diffraction techniques (see Figure 1), such as X-ray scattering, neutron scattering and pair distribution function analyses
  • Comprehensive electrochemical transport characterization of ionic motion in solids and solid-state batteries
  • Design of materials compositions and properties


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