Accelerating the discovery, design and integration of new energy materials by extracting knowledge from large-scale data assets and performing AI-driven analytics.

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Research Topics

  • Data Extraction and Management
  • AI/ML Models
  • Simulations
  • Image Analysis
  • Cloud Applications


Dr. Kourosh Malek


Building 14.6y / Room 5041

+49 2461/61-85942


Data models & management

  • Optimierte DatenpipelineData management (mining, extraction, curation)
  • Data models
  • Ontology & materials linguistics
  • Optimized data pipeline
  • Autonomous workflow
Artificial Material Intelligence
Artificial Material Intelligence

AI/ML models & methods

  • Inverse design for energy materials
  • Predictive analytics & AI-ready data models
  • Automated image analysis
  • Accelerated simulations

Application & tool deployment

  • Materials intelligence
  • Automated data extraction tools
  • Cloud-based big-data solutions and data services
  • Mix-reality data visualization (XR4MAT)
Artificial Material Intelligence


External partners and guests

  • Sahand Behnam
  • Dr. Titichai Navessin
  • Sarvin Golravesh Fekri
  • Armin Gheytarani


Künstliche Materialintelligenz

AI/ML Models and Methods

Accelerating design, integration and scale-up

  • Inverser design for new AEM membranes
  • Accelerating simulations and automated FF parametrization
  • Automated image analysis

Data Modeling and Management

Scalable and deployable data management and correlation models

  • Automated data pipelines and workflow optimization for PEFC/PEWE component fabrication
  • AI-based data handling and workflow optimization
  • Graph database development for OER/ORR electrocatalysts
  • ES materials to devices

Keywords: Ontologies for CL-Link, developing workflows, data mining and visualization

Last Modified: 01.03.2023