Process Development


Process Development pursues an approach that combines technical and economic analyses to evaluate new and innovative processes. The technical foundation of these analyses is developed using process and component simulations. To this end, conventional process analysis tools and fluid dynamic simulations are used. Based on the results, process intensifications can be estimated and evaluated by applying economic viability analyses. Process Development conducts its research in close collaboration with the “Reactors and Systems” and “Heterogeneous Catalysis” research groups.

Research Topics

Process Development’s research topics integrate the power-to-liquid (PtL) concept into the framework of the transformation of the energy and transport sectors. The investigations focus on the synthesis of sustainable fuel alternatives. Particularly in the aviation sector, there is no alternative to PtL fuels when it comes to making transport sustainable. In addition, the application of PtL products in the transport sector is expanded to include the production of sustainable base chemicals and speciality chemicals. By replacing fossil chemicals with sustainable PtL products, large-scale defossilization of industrial sectors is possible.


Dr. Remzi Can Samsun


Building 03.2 / Room y210

+49 2461/61-4616



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