Reactors and Systems


The research group specializes in the development of chemical reactors and process engineering systems using modeling. Experimental procedures are used for validation. The reactors and other system components are designed and optimized in detailed simulations. Individual components are integrated using process engineering systems into full systems for the production of synthetic fuels from hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Reactors and Systems conducts its research in close collaboration with the “Process Development” and “Heterogeneous Catalysis” research groups.

Research Topics

Reactor technology research focuses on synthesis reactors for the production of sustainable liquid fuel alternatives. The optimization of reactor concepts aims to maximize the turnover and yield of the desired products while minimizing production costs. On the system level, the focus is on the process engineering design, construction, commissioning, and characterization of systems for the synthesis of sustainable power-to-liquid (PtL) products.


Dr. Remzi Can Samsun


Building 03.2 / Room y210

+49 2461/61-4616



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