Electrode kinetics and electrolytes


We conduct research into the fundamental interfacial and bulk processes of new materials for future polymer electrolyte fuel cells and lithium batteries. To this end, we mainly use electrochemical methods. Since 2013, we have been researching ionic liquids as electrolytes for polymer electrolyte fuel cells for elevated operating temperatures. We have already achieved very promising results using strongly acidic, proton-conducting ionic liquids.

Research Topics

Our research focuses on electrolytes that are based on proton-conducting ionic liquids and will be used for future polymer electrolyte fuel cells operating at temperatures above 100 °C. In the field of lithium batteries, we investigate degradation phenomena of high-voltage cathode materials as well as transport processes on solid electrolyte membranes that will be used in future lithium–sulfur or lithium–air cells.


Dr. Klaus Wippermann


Building 03.2 / Room Y110

+49 2461/61-2572



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