New IEK-3 web tool for fossil heating systems and their impact on climate targets.

The Building Energy Act, or GEG for short, has been under discussion since spring 2023. A revised version is now expected to be passed in September. A web tool from IEK-3 now shows how potential legislation will affect the number of fossil-fuel heating systems in Germany and, over time, climate protection.

Example scenario "Decreasing age limit": What would a scenario look like that achieves the defined climate targets? In this scenario, an age limit for heating systems of 50 years is introduced, starting in 2027, and decreasing by 2 years in each subsequent year, i.e. in 2028 the age limit is 48 years, in 2029 only 46 years, and so on. In addition, the installation of fossil heating systems is prohibited. Result: In the "100% heat pumps, decreasing age limit" scenario, the climate targets for the heating sector appear achievable in 2045. However, hurdles in implementation are to be expected. (Source: Press release of Forschungszentrum Jülich)

Click here to read the official press release of Forschungszentrum Jülich and learn more about the webtool. The press release is available in German.

Last Modified: 30.08.2023