Everyday Electric Vehicle

Demonstration vehicle SILENT-F presented. A further step in the development of alternative technology. Higher range, longer operating time.

Jülich. Building and testing a lightweight transport vehicle using a direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) hybrid system was the goal of the SILENT-F project launched in December 2013, which the project partners from Forschungszentrum Jülich and Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Jülich Campus, recently presented on the research center's premises.

Silent-F Vorstellung Elektrofahrzeug

Solely Battery Powered

In the end, a demonstration vehicle with a DMFC hybrid system is to be available for application-related tests, thus completing a further step towards an "electric vehicle suitable for everyday use". The decisive advantages of this concept lie in the increase in range and the extension of operating times compared to a vehicle with pure battery operation. In addition to high safety and low environmental impact, these are indispensable prerequisites for electromobility to become established on the market. Furthermore, the DMFC as a range extender is much quieter than the motors usually used.

Small Car Basis

The basis for the SILENT-F project is a multifunctional small vehicle. This is a commercially available transport vehicle for internal company or municipal purposes. In terms of range and driving performance optimization, the vehicle mass plays a decisive role in the development. The aim is to reduce the unladen weight without compromising the safety of the new vehicle. In addition, the DMFC is to be further developed for the vehicle as a range extender.

Sa, 24. Mai. 2014 Jülicher Zeitung / Lokales / Seite 20

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