Helmholtz platform for the design of a robust energy system and raw material supply (RESUR)

The focus of the project initiative, Helmholtz Platform for the Design of Robust Energy Systems and Raw Material Supply (RESUR) is the short-term proactive and reactive, model-based provision of decision-making frameworks against the backdrop of current political, social, and technological events and developments (such as the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine).

The overall project serves to support strategic decision-making on supply security, as well as the accelerated implementation of the energy transition in Germany, the European environment, also incorporating key global imports. The aim is to operate RESUR over the long-term and to adapt the software model suite utilized by the Helmholtz Association to new challenges in the course of a continuous dialogue with policy-makers and industry partners.

Through its work, the IEK-3 is making a significant contribution to achieving the goal of providing knowledge in the short term on the design of the existing and sector-coupled future German energy system within an international context. The energy system should be robust against disruptive events, as well as against dynamically changing political, social and technological conditions.

Within the framework of the project, disruptive events in the energy system will be identified at different levels of influence, and the resulting short- and medium-term scenarios will be identified and modeled for analyses using existing energy system models. In particular, the ETHOS model suite will be used to investigate the robustness of the German energy supply system, taking infrastructure into account. Furthermore, robust transformation pathways of the sector-coupled energy system will be identified over short- and medium-term time scales, up to greenhouse gas-neutrality.


Karlsruher Institute of Technology
(KIT, general project coordination)

Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
IEK-3 (contact person/project leader for the IEK-3: Abhilash Bandam)

German Aerospace Center
(DLR, associate)

The RESUR project initiative is one of a total of four initiatives within the framework of Helmholtz Energy’s contributions to increasing the security of supply: “A turning point in energy supply security.”

Project duration: September 2022 – December 2025

Last Modified: 01.08.2023