PV2H Burkina Project

Optimizing Solar PV for Green Hydrogen Production in West Africa (PV2H)

PV2H Burkina Projekt

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the PV2H project aims at providing a concrete technical response to the negative impact of dust on solar PV power plants and to propose ways to optimize the production of green hydrogen from solar PV systems under the specific climatic conditions of the Sahelian region in West Africa. The project is an experimental investigation on the optimization of large-scale solar PV power plants with a view to providing a technical answer to the question of dust cleaning in the perspective of production of green hydrogen from solar energy in the Sahel region focusing on the case of the 33 MW Zagtouli photovoltaic solar power plant, located on the western outskirts of the city of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso.


Research Center Jülich (IEK-5 Photovoltaics and UE)

Project partners:

WASCAL West African Science Service Centre on Climate change and Adapted Land use University Joseph KI-ZERBO,
University Abdou Moumouni, SONABEL,
Ministry of Environment, Energy, Water and Sanitation Burkina Faso,
Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation of Burkina Faso.

PV2H Burkina Projekt
PV2H Burkina Projekt
PV2H Burkina Projekt



Last Modified: 09.02.2024