SUstainable Photo-ElectRochemical VALorization of flue gases


The European Union has allocated €3.5 million in funding the SUPERVAL project (SUstainable Photo-ElectRochemical VALorization of flue gases) under the EIC Pathfinder Challenges 2022 call, an ambitious initiative aimed at converting, in a sustainable way, carbon and nitrogen emissions into valuable resources. This three-year project, scheduled to start on the 1st of November 2023, brings together a consortium of eight organizations from Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and Denmark.

Limiting post-combustion emissions is one of the most urgent actions for environmental remediation. However, capture technologies face multiple challenges mostly due to the low concentration of pollutants, such as carbon dioxide (CO₂) or nitrogen oxides (NOx), making them highly inefficient. Additionally, even if successful, there are very few plausible uses for the captured pollutants, apart from long-term geological storage. In the pursuit of a more sustainable future, SUPERVAL’s primary objective is to address these challenges simultaneously, investigating the viability of a technology capable of transforming the treatment of post-combustion gases to unlock the potential of carbon and nitrogen components by separating and transforming them into valuable resources.

The SUPERVAL technology will utilize low-cost, non-critical raw materials and processes to develop scientific solutions. One of the main research focuses will be to enhance the ability to capture CO2 and NOx contaminants from flue gas, and to convert them into commodities for the chemical industry using exclusively renewable power sources from photovoltaics. All implemented in a single, autonomous installation. The project will be coordinated by the research institution Institut Catala d'Investigacio Química (ICIQ-CERCA) and will bring together a consortium of diverse organizations contributing their unique expertise and resources.

The participating partners include:



Last Modified: 27.11.2023