Climate effects reduced by Innovative Concept of Operations - Needs and Impacts Assessment

CICONIA is a SESAR industrial project aimed at developing solutions to mitigate the climate impact of aviation.

In the realm of aviation, the ever-present challenge of reducing non-CO2 emissions looms, exacerbating climate change concerns. In this context, the EU-funded CICONIA project aims to enhance our understanding of non-CO2 emissions, their evolution and climate effects while actively developing innovative solutions for reducing their impact on flight operations. Specifically, it will develop improved weather forecasting tailored for operational mitigation. Also, through cutting-edge climate impact assessment models, CICONIA will increase our understanding of aviation’s environmental consequences. It will also explore how operational stakeholders can integrate climate mitigations into their plans and tactical operations. Furthermore, CICONIA investigates strategies to minimise or avoid persistent warming contrails in oceanic airspace.

Last Modified: 26.03.2024