Automated airborne measurement of pollutants in the near-earth atmosphere in urban areas.

MEsSBAR campaign to investigate the evolution of the planetary boundary layer and the vertical distribution of pollutant concentrations using unmanned aerial vehicles.

In the MesSBAR project, a mobile, modular pollutant measurement system is being developed and deployed in the vicinity of freeways, cities and conurbations to record the distribution of particulate matter, soot, NOx and O3 up to an altitude of 1 km. Several copters measure in a coordinated manner upwind and downwind of emission and immission areas. Deployments are selected with pollutant predictions and improve them. The focus is on the manageability of the system, the qualification of the data quality and the use and publication of the data.


Dr. Anne Caroline LangeSenior Scientist Head of group "Air Quality and Emission Optimization"Building 05.2 / Room 3029+49 2461/61-2617
Dr. Georgios GkatzelisSenior Scientist Head of group "Organic Trace Gases"Building 05.2 / Room 3027+49 2461/61-6921
Dr. Ralf TillmannSenior Scientist Head of group "Organic Trace Gases"Building 05.2 / Room R 3024+49 2461/61-6963

Last Modified: 04.04.2023