VDI Cooperations

Cooperation with VDI

Cooperation with VDI (The Association of German Engineers) – Commission on Air Pollution Prevention KRdL

In order to fulfill public responsibilities the institute partakes in the work on guidelines by the VDI-KRdL. Scientists of the institute are leading members in work groups for developing and actualization of the following guidelines:

Guideline VDI 3783 Part 5  “Environmental Meteorology – Models for the gas-phase chemistry of the troposphere”

Prognosis of air pollution as well as the development of emission control measures is depending on chemical transport models whose most important component is the atmospheric gas-phase chemistry. The evaluation guideline describes the criteria to be satisfied by reaction mechanisms for modeling the chemical reaction dynamics correctly. The integration of the reaction mechanisms in dispersion models is demonstrated for three model types with different objectives.

Guideline VDI 3783 Part 18  “Environmental Meteorology – Photolysis frequencies”

Photolysis reactions depend on the site and the meteorological conditions of the case to be modeled. The guideline provides tropospheric photolysis frequencies and their dependence on the solar zenith angle for a large number of such conditions.

Guideline VDI 3783 Part 19  “Environmental Meteorology – Reaction mechanism for determing the Nitrogen Dioxide concentration”

A condensed reaction mechanism for determing the NO2 concentration in tropospheric air is represented together with some examples for the application. The guideline explains a tool to decide how far a reduction of the full reaction mechanism can go without creating too big errors.

Last Modified: 09.01.2024