Institute of Energy and Climate Research - Fundamental Electrochemistry (IEK-9)

At the IEK-9, we develop new key technologies in the areas of electrochemical energy storage and conversion in order to advance the energy transition and the structural change in the Rhineland area.

Energy efficient, safe, and economic technologies for energy storage as well as conversion into other energy carrier or resource materials are mandatory for a stable, extensive operation of sustainable sources of energy. At the same time, the path to a climate-neutral society also requires a transition of industrial processes towards sustainable value chains.

With that in mind, the IEK-9 improves current technologies such as lithium ion batteries and green hydrogen production. Furthermore, we study innovative, promising new concepts like CO2 electrolysis in order to convert the greenhouse gas CO2 from a climate killer to a sustainable resource for the future as well as metal-air and sodium batteries to develop resource-efficient energy storage.

In light of the urgent significance of the energy transition, the IEK-9 is set on accelerating the innovation cycle holistically from fundamental research up to industrial applications. Our knowledge-based approach combines synthesis, construction, analysis, and simulation to build bridges between the lab scale and major industrial plants.

Director: Prof. R.-A. Eichel

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