The brain is a highly complex organ and ubiquitous in our daily lives. However, little is understood about it or its functions. Undertaking the study of this organ is a challenging and fascinating endeavour and can spawn new technologies and alternative methods of treatment of diseases.

Research at the Institute of Computational and Systems Neuroscience encompasses theoretical, data-analytic and simulation approaches to develop multi-scale models of the brain. It is our firm belief that progress in understanding a complex system like the brain can only be achieved through this multi-faceted approach.

Directors: Prof. Dr. Sonja Grün and Prof. Dr. Markus Diesmann

Research groups at INM-6 / IAS-6

Latest Publications

NNMT: Mean-Field Based Analysis Tools for Neuronal Network Models

Layer M., Senk J., Essink S., van Meegen A., Bos H. and Helias M.
Front Neuroinform.

A Modular Workflow for Performance Benchmarking of Neuronal Network Simulations
Gell-Mann–Low Criticality in Neural Networks