RTG MultiSenses - MultiScale

RTG MultiSenses - MultiScale

The interdisciplinary Research Training Group ‚MultiSenses – MultiScales: Novel approaches to decipher neural processing in multisensory integration‘ (RTG2416) aims at gaining a conceptual understanding of the mechanisms that govern crossmodal integration of sensory information at multiple scales. The RTG, headed by Marc Spehr at RWTH Aachen, is funded by the DFG for four and a half years (2018-2023). Besides the neuroscience aspects, the RTG’s comprehensive training program prepares trainees to acquire knowledge and skills to make important contributions to the neuroscientific field that will enable them to enter various career paths.

The consortium is composed of several partners at the Research Centre Jülich and RWTH Aachen University. INM-6 contributes to the RTG with Markus Diesmann, Sonja Grün and Moritz Helias as PIs and several affiliated and associated PhD students.

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Last Modified: 21.06.2022