Theory of Multi-scale Neuronal Networks group

Theory of Multi-scale Neuronal Networks group


The focus of this group is the investigation of mechanisms that shape the dynamics and function of biological and artificial neuronal networks. Starting either from analyses of electrophysiological data of parallel spiking activity in vivo or activity of network models, the group aims to infer fundamental relationships between the structure and dynamics of neural networks to unveil experimentally testable mechanisms underlying observed collective phenomena. A further research goal is to study how these dynamics are employed by the circuit to implement information processing. To analyze both the dynamic and the functional mechanisms the group employs and transfers methods from theoretical physics and makes them applicable to neural systems.

Research Topics

dynamic mechanisms in neural networks, mechanisms of neural information processing, methods transfer and adaption from theoretical physics, field theory of neuronal networks


Prof. Dr. Moritz Helias


Building Jülich / Room 2008

+49 2461/61-9467


research Foci

Theory of Multi-scale Neuronal Networks group

Dynamic Mechanisms in Neural Networks

  • Oscillations
  • Statisitcs of correlations
  • Dimensionality
  • Chaos

Mechanisms of Neural Information Processing

  • Biological and artificial neural networks
  • Discrete vs continuous communication
  • Feedforward vs recurrent networks

Methods Transfer and Adaptation from Theoretical Physics

  • Statistical field theory
  • Theory of disordered systems
  • Methods from Statisitcal Physics (Fokker Planck theory, Edgeworth expansion, etc.)

Publications of Theory of Multi-scale Neuronal Networks group


Collaborations (external)

  • Tobias Kühn

  • Alexandre Rene

  • Stefano Recanatesi

  • Eric Shea-Brown

  • Gabriel K. Ocker

  • Xiaoxuan Jia

  • Luke Campagnola

  • Tim Jarsky

  • Stephanie Seeman

  • Alexa Riehle

  • Thomas Brochier

  • Lukas Deutz

  • Nicole Voges

  • Paulina Dabrowska

  • Michael von Papen

  • Andrea Cristanti


  • Helmholtz networking fund

  • BMBF

  • DFG Excellence initiative (ERS RWTH)

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