Systems Medicine


The group “Systems Medicine” in INM7, co-led by Dr. Felix Hoffstaedter and Dr. Masoud Tahmasian applies a multi-level approach utilizing computational tools and big data to gain overall insight into neurological and psychiatric disorders to pave the way for personalized medicine. By applying state-of-art methodologies such as machine-learning to big clinical and population-based databases using high performance computing, we aim to refine pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, Major Depressive Disorder, as well as Sleep Disorders to identify the risk factors and health consequences, and also to improve current diagnostic approaches.

Research Topics

Our main topics are:

  1. Multivariate modeling of typical brain aging in comparison to the development of age-related disorders. The development, application and evaluation of reproducible (f)MRI preprocessing workflows for automated preparation of big multimodal imaging dataset using comprehensive provenance tracking. The adaptation of established neuroimaging methods in humans to structural and functional MRI data in primates, in particular in chimpanzees, baboons and macaques to bridge the gap between human and animal models considering primate brain evolution.
  2. The interplay between sleep and medical and mental conditions using genetics, phenotypic, and multimodal neuroimaging data (e.g., sMRI, fMRI, PET). In addition, using the ENIGMA-Sleep framework, we are performing large-scale mega- & meta-analyses for better understanding the neurobiology of sleep disorders and their neuropsychiatric consequences, to assess the predictive role of poor sleep on mood and cognitive performances, and the neurobiological effects of sleep deprivation.

Methods and infrastructures

MRI & PET, Multivariate Big Data Analysis, Meta-Analysis, Machine learning, High Performance Computing



Prof. Dr. Simon Eickhoff


Building 14.6y / Room 2042

+49 2461/61-1791


Group Members

Prof. Dr. Simon EickhoffBuilding 14.6y / Room 2042+49 2461/61-1791
Dr. Felix HoffstaedterBuilding 15.2 / Room 315+49 2461/61-8009
Masoud TahmasianBuilding 15.2 / Room 208+49 2461/61-8785
Dr. Alexander SilchenkoNoneBuilding 15.2 / Room 416+49 2461/61-6582
Vincent KüppersBuilding 14.6y / Room 3042+49 2461/61-96099
Hanwen BiBuilding 15.2v / Room 234+49 2461/61-8785
Gerion Michael ReimannBuilding 14.6y / Room 2047+49 2461/61-8785
B.Sc. Anja KleinschmidtBuilding 14.6y +49 2461/61-9004
Jorik Daniel ElberseNoneBuilding 15.2v / Room 234+49 2461/61-8785
Narges SistanyNoneBuilding 14.6y / Room 2047+49 2461/61-85990
Edoardo BettazziNoneBuilding 14.6y / Room 2047+49 2461/61-85990
Reihaneh AhmadiNoneBuilding 14.6y / Room 2041+49 2461/61-85990
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