From March to September, Forschungszentrum Jülich is organizing this year for the first time a Jülich Summer Academy "Future Computing Technologies: Hardware, Software and Algorithms for Scalable Simulation and Data Science". Under this umbrella, numerous interesting workshops, lectures, summer schools, etc. are offered for young scientists, such as students, PhD students and postdocs, but also for other interested parties. The events will deal with quantum computing, neuromorphic computing, big data and other topics. The Jülich Summer Academy, which is designed as an ongoing series, will start with a focus on quantum computing.

New quantum technologies promise applications with unprecedented speed, precision and efficiency. The quantum computer is probably the best-known example. Forschungszentrum Jülich is a hotspot of quantum research in Europe, combining basic research, theory and development.

However, the Jülich Summer Academy will also provide insights into other topics of Future Computing Technologies. The research center is a driver of innovation in the field of high-performance computing. Many research groups use supercomputers for modeling and simulation, for example in climate research. Deep learning methods are also being harnessed for scientific tasks, for example in neuroscience. The applications with BigData and AI also require a new way of collecting, organizing and sharing research data.

Last Modified: 01.03.2023