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The DocTeam represents the interests of Jülich doctoral researchers. It is involved in various bodies at Forschungszentrum Jülich with the aim of improving general conditions for doctoral researchers. In addition, the DocTeam organizes lectures with internal and external speakers to improve doctoral researchers’ knowledge of the institutional and scientific context of research at Jülich. A key aspect of the DocTeam’s activities is the exchange of ideas and opinions. It also organizes parties, football tournaments, and regular meetups, allowing doctoral researchers to get to know each other better.

The DocTeam meets in the “gegenüber” café in the Central Library every month to discuss current projects and topics. This represents a great opportunity to have fun and meet other doctoral researchers.

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Supervisors’ Forum

The Supervisors’ Forum is the place where Jülich supervisors meet, exchange ideas, and discuss the needs and issues of everyone who takes on the responsibility of supervising master’s students and doctoral researchers at Forschungszentrum Jülich.

The Forum exists both physically, in that it convenes approximately twice a year, and a virtually, allowing people to exchange information and messages both by email and in a dedicated chat group. The Supervisors' Forum is free for any Jülich supervisor to join regardless of whether they are new to supervision or have practiced it for many years. Membership and participation is strictly voluntary and is always welcomed.

Mailing list:

Rocket Chat:

(The mailing list and the rocket chat are for Jülich Supervisors only)

Spokesperson: The Forum elects a spokesperson who represents it and takes care of carrying out the decisions taken in its assembly. The current spokesperson is Dr. Edoardo Di Napoli (JSC)

Assembly: The Supervisor Assembly is the backbone of the Supervisors’ Forum as it is constituted of all Jülich supervisors who wish to be represented by the Forum. It convenes twice a year and the meetings will be announced in a timely manner through the Forum’s mailing list. All Jülich supervisors are encouraged to actively participate in the meetings and thus to decide on the activities of the Forum as well as the way it represents their interests.

Forum Working Group: The Working Group (WG) consists of a small group of members of the Forum who voluntarily offer their time to support the spokesperson, organize the training activities, and carry out the tasks outlined by the Forum during its assembly. Any member of the Forum can be part of the working group. The activities of the WG are coordinated by the spokesperson.

Wissenschaftlich-Technische Vertretung WG: Day-to-day supervisors are represented within the Wissenschaftlich-Technische Vertretung (WTV) by a working group of volunteers who bring to the WTV any item of relevance for the supervisors that needs to be discussed within the WTV.

JuDocS Council: The Forum elects two of its members to represent the day-to-day supervisors in the JuDocS Council. The current representatives are Dr. Edoardo di Napoli (JSC) and Dr. Tina Kroll (INM-2).

Last Modified: 28.03.2023