40th IFF Spring School

Spintronics − From GMR to Quantum Information

09 - 20 March 2009 . Jülich . Germany

The IFF Spring School 2009 will address the fundamentals and new developments in spintronics on a graduate student level. The lectures will first build a basis for the understanding of the major fundamental phenomena and aspects in magnetism and spin-dependent transport, including the theoretical framework for a quantitative description. The School will then advance to contemporary aspects of spin transfer processes at interfaces and in nanostructures down to the quantum level. Exchange interactions and spin effects in highly correlated materials are another important topic. Finally, we will also discuss current and future technological applications of spintronic concepts.


The topics of the lectures cover:

  • Spin-dependent Interactions
  • Quantum Transport
  • Spin Transport Phenomena
  • Spin Injection and Coherence
  • Spin Transfer Torque
  • Electronic Correlations
  • Magnetization and Spin Dynamics
  • Multiferroics
  • Spin Hall Effect
  • Magnetic Storage, Memory and Logics
  • Quantum Information Processing
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