Prof. Dr. Claus Schneider honoured with the JVSS Microbeam Analysis Award 2022

Prof. Dr. Claus Schneider receives the JVSS Microbeam Analysis Award 2022 from Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Daimon, Chairman of the 14th ALC Conference in Okinawa, Japan, and Professor at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology.
Forschungszentrum Jülich

At the “14th International Symposium on Atomic Level – Characterizations for New Materials and Devices” in Okinawa, hold by the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science (JVSS), Prof. Dr. Claus Schneider was honored with the JVVSS Microbeam Analysis Award 2022.

He was honored with the award for his talks and lectures at past ALC symposia and especially for his outstanding contribution to the development of advanced measurement techniques and to the study of spin-related phenomena, as well as for his contribution to the Division of Microbeam Analysis (MBA). He was also named an honorary member of the Division of MBA in the JVSS.

Last Modified: 03.03.2023