A Helmholtz International Fellow Award goes to France

Jülich, 20. July 2017

Dr. Jean-Michel Hartmann will receive the "Helmholtz International Fellow Award" this year. Forschungszentrum Jülich had nominated the physicist from the CEA-Leti Institute in Grenoble for the award. The scientist has been working closely with the Jülich Peter Grünberg Institute for Semiconductor Nanoelectronics for more than ten years and conducts research there together with Dr. Dan Buca in the field of silicon-based nanoelectronics and optoelectronics. Together, the two have published more than 60 scientific papers.

The Helmholtz Association is awarding a total of five "Helmholtz International Fellow Award" in the first selection round 2017. The award winners from all over the world have distinguished themselves in a special way in research fields that are important to Germany's largest scientific organization. The award, first presented in 2012, is intended to intensify collaboration: In addition to prize money of 20,000 euros, the scientists receive an invitation to a research stay at one or more Helmholtz centers.

Ein "Helmholtz International Fellow Award" geht nach Frankreich
A "Helmholtz International Fellow Award" goes to France

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CEA-Leti (Laboratoire d'electronique des technologies de l'information)

Peter Grünberg Institut, Bereich Halbleiter-Nanoelektronik (PGI-9)

Pressemitteilung der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft

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