Best Poster Award for Roudy Hanna

Jülich, 18. June 2021

Roudy Hanna, a master's student at Peter Grünberg Institute 9 (PGI-9 Semiconductor Nanoelectronics), won the Best Poster Award at the digital Quantum Computing Hardware and Software Summer School 2021. The meeting was originally scheduled to be held in Lausanne, but was held digitally June 15-18, 2021, due to the Covid19 pandemic.

Roudy received the award for the poster titled: "In situ Josephson Junctions with ALD for 3D Transmon Qubit." The Quantum Computing Hardware and Software Summer School is aimed at students in the fields of quantum technologies, primarily PhD and Master's students.

Best Poster Award for Roudy Hanna
Roudy Hanna - Winner of the QCHS Best Poster Award
Forschungszentrum Jülich

Roudy Hanna on the Summer School:

Attending the QCHS School was a great experience!

The topics covered range from quantum information theory all the way to the business side of quantum computing. Going forward, I can now better understand the various perspectives that go beyond current research projects and experimental challenges of this field.

Despite their online format, the poster sessions were an excellent opportunity to meet fellow quantum enthusiasts and hear about their innovative approaches en route to the quantum computer.

Overall, I found this conference to be a great success. I would be happy attending it again next year (hopefully in-person)

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