Helmholtz Nano Facility (HNF)

Helmholtz Nano Facility (HNF)
Forschungszentrum Jülich

The HNF is a cleanroom facility with 1000 square metres of cleanroom class ISO 1-3 space. Its scientists offer expert knowledge, and the facility provides resources for the production, synthesis, characterisation and integration of nanoscale structures, devices and circuits.

The HNF provides broad access to these technologies for universities, research institutions and industry, as well as direct knowledge transfer to society

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Helmholtz Nano Facility (HNF)

Nano-/microsystems technology: integration of mechanical, optical and electronic components into one system | Quantum optics: systems for the interaction between light and matter | Photonics: optical processes and technologies for the transmission, storage and processing of information | Low power devices: electronic components with low energy requirements for the processing or storage of information | Bioelectronics: the combination of biological and electronic systems | Quantum computing: circuits based on the laws of quantum mechanics | Biomechanics: influence of mechanics on cells | Microcomponents: production of nanotechnological and microtechnological components | Energy technology: energy generation systems | Lab-on-a-chip: microfluid system for analysis

Last Modified: 11.07.2023