Young Excellent Scientist program (YESP)

The goal of the Young Excellent Scientist Program, short YESP, is to identify young excellent Jülich scientists, aiming for a leadership position in science early in their career and support them in a structured manner. FZJ provides you as a postdoc or Young Investigator Group leader special measures to promote your scientific career path:

Young Excellent Scientist Program

The program will be carried out and supported by a panel of leading scientists at FZJ: Prof. Grün, Prof. Guillon, Prof. Neftci, Prof. Riese, Prof. Sandfeld, Prof. Strodel, Prof. Usadel as well as Prof. Lambrecht as a member of the Executive Board.


Dr. Katharina Klein

Referentin für wissenschaftliche Nachwuchsförderung - PostDocs

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Last Modified: 05.06.2023