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The MiBioLab stands as the fruit of Prof. Marco Oldiges' and his team of scientists' diligent research endeavors. Through their work, they successfully developed an automated microbioreactor platform and quickly recognized its potential for collaborative projects with industrial partners.

Utilizing this innovative platform, they are now able to accelerate the development and optimization of bioprocesses, a task that would otherwise be highly time-consuming. To make sustainable bioprocess development accessible to industrial collaborators, they established the Helmholtz Innovation Lab "MiBioLab" back in 2016.

Transforming into a spin-off, the Helmholtz Innovation Lab embarks on its new entrepreneurial journey

The progress of MiBioLab has been impressive, and by the end of 2022, it became evident that it should transition into a full-fledged spin-off company. Supporting the scientists' path towards independence, the Helmholtz Association has stepped in to provide funding in this endeavor. Under the guidance of Business Development Manager Vanessa Schmitt, the team is diligently preparing for the spin-off's formal establishment, slated for 2024, with the backing of the Helmholtz Enterprise Spin-off Program.

We conduct automated testing to determine the microbes' preferences and then create the perfect recipe for our customers.

Vanessa Schmitt
Business Development Managerin and founder to be

At Forschungszentrum Jülich, MiBioLab collaborates closely with the innovation management team, which is backing the planned spin-off through funding from FZ Jülich's innovation fund, among other sources. Vanessa Schmitt has been driving the start-up project forward and honing her business skills through various courses, including the renowned JUICE program, an innovation and entrepreneurship training at FZ Jülich. Her team's project was compelling, securing the 2nd place in the JUICE Innovation Contest 2022.

After an evaluation period of eight months, the progress of the Helmholtz Enterprise Spin-off Program will be assessed. If everything goes according to the plan, the foundation will be established within the following six months, paving the way for the venture to become self-sustainable by spring.

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Vanessa Schmitt und Bertram Geinitz

»A substantial contribution to the environment and climate could be achieved by exclusively utilizing biotechnological methods in the production of chemicals, food, and cosmetics, completely avoiding any animal or fossil-based resources. MiBioLab plays a pivotal role in accelerating and cost-effectively developing such bioprocesses.

For instance, research firms are diligently working on microorganisms capable of producing milk proteins with properties akin to those found in real cow's milk. The success of this endeavor hinges on the composition of nutrients provided to these microbes.


We conduct automated taste tests to determine their most appealing flavors, thus creating the ideal recipe for our clients. Alongside me, our team comprises of Bertram Geinitz, our laboratory manager, and our latest addition, automation expert Michael Osthege. Our goal is to establish a company by 2024, as we diligently prepare for this exciting venture."«

Vanessa Schmitt
Business Development Managerin and founder to be

Image: Forschungszentrum Jülich/ Uwe Limbach
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