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Meet Prof. Frank Wilhelm-Mauch, a physicist from Forschungszentrum Jülich, spearheading the federally funded joint venture QSolid. As a key pioneer and co-founder of Qruise, a remarkable quantum spin-off born from FZ Jülich, he is reshaping the landscape of computing.

"In our pursuit of cutting-edge technological solutions, we place our trust in active industry collaboration."

Prof. Frank Wilhelm-Mauch
Co-founder Qruise

3 questions for the quantum expert

QSolid is committed to pioneering the development of a quantum computer right here in Germany. What is your approach to this project?

Our vision revolves around creating a cutting-edge, first-generation German quantum computer that seamlessly integrates into the esteemed infrastructure at Forschungszentrum Jülich. Central to our mission is tackling the critical issue of error susceptibility in quantum bits.

Addressing this challenge head-on is paramount to the successful realization of these revolutionary devices. To achieve this, we are exploring the use of novel materials and exploring innovative techniques that leverage artificial intelligence to precisely control the quantum bits. Our aim is for QSolid to establish new industry benchmarks in this regard.

How crucial is collaborating with business partners for this endeavor?

It holds immense significance. Whenever we require cutting-edge technological solutions, we heavily depend on industry collaboration.

A prime illustration of this lies in operating software: companies possess extensive expertise in crafting relieable and user-friendly end products. We leverage this wealth of knowledge. Interestingly, a Jülich spin-off, Qruise, will soon be joining us to establish the interface between hardware and software.*

What makes investing in a "Made in Germany" quantum computer worthwhile at this moment?

Looking ahead, quantum computers could surpass even the mightiest supercomputers in raw power.

Despite being in the early stages of development, we aim to take advantage of this opportunity to establish industrial benchmarks and explore potential applications from the outset. Our commitment also lies in unrestricted exploration of the technology, free from the limitations of trade secrets.

By having a quantum computer in Jülich, we can achieve precisely that, and our ultimate goal is to make this cutting-edge infrastructure available to others as well.

QSolid: A quantum computer built by German technology
Qruise: A toolkit enhancing quantum devices

*Qruise is a FZ Jülich spin-off founded in 2022

Super computer!

In tackling complex challenges like vaccine development and climate change forecasting, research and industry often encounter highly complex obstacles. Many of these can only be overcome with the aid of computers capable of analyzing enormous amounts of data. The JUWELS supercomputer is one of them. JUWELS was developed as part of a remarkable collaboration between Forschungszentrum Jülich, the German-French company Atos, the Munich supercomputing specialist ParTec, and the US manufacturer Nvidia, stands out as a shining example.

Their collaboration has yielded astonishing results: JUWELS boasts a staggering performance of 85 billion arithmetic operations per second, equivalent to the power of 300,000 modern PCs, making it the fastest system in Europe to date. However, the competition is already gearing up as the exascale computer JUPITER is set to arrive in Jülich soon – the first European supercomputer capable of performing over a trillion arithmetic operations per second.

Visit the Jülich Supercomputing Centre online

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