ZEA-1 is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 after the introduction of a quality management system. The introduction only took about a year, a considerable part of the implementation was done by our staff, who expect the introduction of a QM system to improve their own activities in the long run. Many things were not new for them either. This is because all components subject to acceptance are in any case subject to a very extensive, sometimes very detailed obligation to provide proof and documentation.

We ensure the continuity of these measures through regular audits and assessments by internal and external experts. The introduction of the QM system gave us the opportunity to review and, if necessary, further improve our processes. We have thus committed ourselves to the continuous improvement and optimisation of our processes. The aim is to record and optimise the essential work processes with their documentation and thus to constantly increase the high quality of our services and products.

Certificate proof

Last Modified: 05.05.2022