Mission statement


• We make our capacities, competences and technologies available to the institutes of the research centre and third parties and transfer the results to society.

• We research comprehensive solutions for the major societal challenges of the future in the areas of information, matter, earth & environment and energy and create the foundations for future key technologies for this purpose.

• We provide impulses and are partners in the value creation process of research from basic research to transfer to society.

• We strengthen our acquisition of third-party funding and establish our R&D activities in alliances, research consortia and strategic partnerships.

• We are joining forces in line with the goals of the BMBF, HGF and FZJ.

• We are breaking new ground in strategic partnerships with universities, research institutions and industry.

• We want to be demonstrably among the best in the world with our research results and our management services, the operation and use of complex infrastructures.

• We value the creativity and motivation of our employees as the most valuable asset of our research centre, offer equal opportunities and promote education and training.

Last Modified: 14.11.2023