Impress(ing) Kickoff

The IMPRESS project hosted the official kickoff meeting in Trieste. The team of experts and stakeholders came together to set the foundation for the exciting journey ahead. The IMPRESS project has received funding from HORIZON EUROPE framework program for research and innovation.

Impress(ing) Kickoff

Impress is a cutting-edge Horizon Europe science initiative aimed at transforming the field of transmission electron microscopy. Bringing together 19 partners from 11 European countries, Impress will develop a new generation of instrumentation that is flexible and adaptable. Based on open standards, interfaces, data formats and interchangeable components, the platform will allow for customized, interoperable arrangements.

ZEA-1 is very excited to be part of this consortium with Europe's leading research institutes, together with ER-C-1 and our colleagues from the purchasing department.

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Last Modified: 24.02.2023