Anton Dimroth (ZEA-1) wins JUICE Innovation Contest

At the end of the JUICE Program 21/22, Jülich scientists successfully pitched their innovative transfer projects at the final JUICE Innovation Contest. In interdisciplinary teams across institutes, they have been developing and preparing brilliant transfer ideas based on their research results.

After months of intensive preparation and practice, seven JUICE teams presented their pitch desks at the Jülich Technology Center, impressively portraying how their research results can be further developed into products or services that address pressing needs in society and industry. At the JUICE Program, a course designed specifically for young scientists at Jülich, they have been learning how to analyze potential target markets and competitors, how to interview stakeholders and develop application-oriented business models.

€2,500 in funding for more comfortable and efficient cancer therapy

Anton Dimroth from ZEA-1 won the 1st prize, endowed with €2,500 in funding. His transfer project "Microflash" is based on a technology aiming to provide a more effective and less painful cancer treatment.

This year's jury was joined by FZJ Executive Director Prof. Astrid Lambrecht, RWTH Innovation Managing Director Bram Wijlands, entrepreneurship expert Barbara Diehl (SPRIN-D) and Dr. Christian Cremer (Head of Innovation & Strategy UE-I).

Last Modified: 05.05.2022