ZEA-1 - Engineering and Technology develops and builds scientific components, devices, systems and processes that are not available on the market. This is achieved, not least through the close cooperation within ZEA-1 (engineering and production technology), through the equipment with specialised technologies and the many years of experience of our employees.

ZEA-1 covers the entire value chain of the product development process. We offer our partners, among other things, consulting, feasibility studies, design, development and manufacturing of a system. In addition to design and manufacturing, this also includes automation, metrology, certification and, if necessary, the development of new technologies. Our services and holistic approach, which result from competencies and equipment, are unique in this combination and cannot be bought on the market.

We research comprehensive solutions for the major societal challenges of the future in the areas of information, matter, earth & environment and energy and create the foundations for future key technologies. We are partners of most major national and international science centres - including CERN (Geneva), FRM II (Munich), SNS (Oak Ridge), ITER (Cadarache), FAIR (Darmstadt) and ESS (Lund), including most major neutron research facilities worldwide.

In addition to the work within programme-oriented research, the institute division conducts externally funded research, e.g. in the field of next-generation neutron moderation, the manipulation of synchrotron radiation by permanent-magnet-mounted maintenance-free chopper systems with unique phase and temporal repeatability worldwide, and the development of novel energy-efficient processes for industry.

Last Modified: 12.07.2023