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Jülich Soft Matter Days 2018

20-23 November 2018

Campus of Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Jülich, Germany

Biopolymers - Poster List

BIP-01Amuasi,H.E. ; Fischer, A.; Zippelius, A.; Heussinge, C.
Linear rheology of reversibly cross-linked biopolymer networks
BIP-02Balacescu, L. ; Schrader, T.E.; Radulescu,A.; Holderer, O.; Zolnierczuk, P.; Fitter, J.; Stadler, A.
Dynamics of biopolymers on the nanosecond time-scale: a comparative neutronspin echo study on different folding intermediates of apo-myoglobin
BIP-03Böker,A. ; Paul, W.
Short peptides - thermodynamics and the effect of dyes: A Monte Carlo study
BIP-04Haris, L. ; Balacescu, L.; König, I.; Hoffmann,I.; Schrader, T.E.; Schuler, B.; Stadler, A.
Neutron Scattering Studyon Structure and Dynamics of Prothymosin Alpha
BIP-05Noguchi, H.
Membrane tubulation induced by banana-shaped protein rods
BIP-06Paturej, J.
Bottlebrush polymers:from dilute solutionsto super-soft rubbers
BIP-07Piechocka,I.K. ; Wolska, N.; Luzak, B.; Kowalewsk, T.A.
The role of in vitrofibrinogen glycation on FXIII-induced crosslinking and shear flow clot  response
BIP-08Rondina, G.G. ; Müller-Plathe, F.
Acceleration of coarse-grained polymer models mapped by variation of excess entro- py across different resolutions
BIP-09Stadler, A. ; Ameseder, F.; Radulescu, A.; Khaneft, M.; Holderer,O.; Lohstroh, W.; Falus, P.; Richter, D.
Structure and dynamics of unfoldedand partially folded proteins: Insightsgained from small-angle neutron scattering and neutron spectroscopy
BIP-10Vereroudakis, E. ; Parisi, D.; Lafleur, R.P.M.; Matsumoto, N.M; Meijer, E.W.; Vlasso- poulos, D.
Non-monotonic rheological response of hydrogels based on benzene tricarboxamide self-assembling units
BIP-11Wu,B. ; Pipich, V.
From Nanometer to Micrometer: Investigation of Soft Matter with Very Small Angle Neutron Scattering Diffractometer KWS-3

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