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SOMATAI Conference 2016

Soft Matter at Aqueous Interfaces

30 May - 03 June 2016
Fodele Beach Hotel, Crete, Greece

SOMATAI Conference 2016


The FP 7 Marie Skłodowska Curie Initial Training Network SOMATAI is organizing a four-day conference on the topic of Soft Matter at Aqueous Interfaces.

The scientific focus is on the properties of soft matter at interfaces between an aqueous phase and a solid, liquid or gaseous second phase. Such interfaces are both scientifically compelling and highly relevant to many products, e. g. food, cosmetics, paints etc. as well as processes such as washing, coating, and water purification.

The scientific programme will cover three main subjects:

Adsorption of soft matter at aqueous interfaces
• In-plane structure and 2D-systems
• Dynamics and flow at interfaces

Scientific Programme

Here you can download the detailed  SOMATAI Conference Programme (PDF, 6 MB) with the corresponding abstracts.

The SOMATAI conference brings together both researchers in the early stages of their career as well as more experienced scientists from the fields of soft matter and interface science.

The keynote lectures:

Peter Fischer, ETH Zürich (CH)
Regine von Klitzing, TU Berlin (D)
Dominique Langevin, CNRS, Université Paris Sud (F)
Carlos Marques, CNRS Strasbourg (F)
Roland Netz, FU Berlin (D)
Véronique Schmitt, CRPP Bordeaux (F)

Additional Information




Organization and Contact: 


PD Dr. Peter Lang

Ulrike Nägele


Institute of Complex Systems (ICS-3) 

Tel: +49 2461 61-4415

Email: somatai@fz-juelich.de