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Research Interests

Dr. Johan Buitenhuis

My main research subject is the synthesis of well defined colloidal dispersions of monodisperse (nano)particles. This is concerned with the development of new and the improvement of existing synthesis procedures, as well as the non-trivial reproduction of published synthesis work (if the particles can not be obtained externally). Particles are made with different shapes, special optical or electrical properties and different stabilization layers to modify the compatibility with other materials or to direct the formation of special mesoscopic structures. These particles are then used to study the relation between the macroscopic properties of the colloidal dispersions and their microscopic composition (mostly in cooperation).


 Silica spheres (PDF, 405 kB)
 Boehmite rods (PDF, 227 kB)
 fd virus (PDF, 197 kB)
 Silica coated fd viruses 1 (PDF, 108 kB)
Charge reversed fd viruses