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Particle-based manufacturing processes and sintering

The team focuses on the near-net-shaping of metallic and ceramic powders by means of pressing, as well as by injection moulding with subsequent debindering and sintering. Additional extensive options exist for sintering by superposing pressure and/or an electric field.

Net-shaping of ceramic and metallic powders
Sintering with superposed pressure and/or superposed electrical field
Wet-Chemical Shaping Techniques
Special Characterization Methods
Sintering facilities (inert gas/vacuum)
Substrate and Layer Materials (Selection)

Principle sketch of sintering devicesBasic structure of the sintering facilities for sintering by superposing pressure or field-assisted sintering.

The team "Particle based processing and sintering" provides special shaping and sintering techniques for metallic and ceramic powders for all sections of IEK-1. The team is responsible for hydraulic pressing, powder injection moulding, and tape casting of metallic powders, on the one hand, and for a series of special sintering techniques, on the other hand: sintering powders by superposing an external pressure (hot pressing, HP; hot isostatic pressing, HIP) as well as sintering powders by simultaneous superposition of an external pressure and an electric field (field-assisted sintering technology, FAST; spark plasma sintering, SPS; sinter forging, SF).